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From my own personal experience, I have experienced successes using affirmations, but to date, I have never personally tried the other two techniques. However, I have third-party" reports that subliminal programming, when properly applied, works.

I feel obliged to highlight that there is perhaps one single factor which, if the seeker applies it properly to whatever method they employ to "put their subconscious mind to work for them", then the method will yield desired results - and conversely, if they don't bring this factor into their working, no method at all will help them.

That factor may be summarized by that single word ..... BELIEF.

I may borrow a statement made often by (the late) Dr. Joseph Murphy, who might have been influenced by the work of Mr. Wattles in his own lifetime: "You must KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, and WHY you are doing it."

The Belief that I refer to might be composed of three things - BELIEF in what I was doing, BELIEF in why I was doing it, and BELIEF that the desired results would be obtained through my actions (both mental and physical).

I would be the last to claim that affirmations work for me "each and every time" - one day, I might attain to that level permanently - but introspection and reflection indicates that whenever it did work, Belief was actually present. And, when it did not work, the Belief was simply not there.

"... and it is so with you, and with all of us."

Tony Mase

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your comment.


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