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Madalene Gibson

In all the writings of WDW, there is one point I allways had problems to accept and start to apply seriously the whole philosophy.
About "Increasing life" :-In order to know more, do more,and be more we must have more; we must have things to use,for we learn, and do, and become, only by using things. We must get rich, so that we can live more.-
How to explain...
Its because I know that in other writings WDW shows a deep spiritual philosophy, that I imagine there must be the right way to interpret those words.
Otherwise,it sound materialistic to me, shopping-orientated to incourage consumism e competition, in a society where it is already a problem.
I'am agreed that in the process of becoming rich we have to be carefull not to mix spiritual readings, or likely we get confuse and out of focus.
However, still this repeating that we need things, buy things, and that we MUST get rich to live more, well, does'nt match the fact that become free from attachments and dont relay too much upon material things , it may lead to slavery and weakness in our inner power, promoting desires after desires, in an endless ran for happiness and never satisfied.
So, please, I would love a good explanation to be able to practice Wattle's writings and feel that are meaninful and in line with my believe that we can create our own abundance and in the mean time pursue a complete spiritual growth with a feeling of freedom within.
Thank you heaps. Madalene

Tony Mase

Hi Madalene,

You're welcome heaps. :-)

I'll be addressing your "dilemma" in an upcoming article sometime within the next few weeks...

Stay tuned! :-)


helen gordon


Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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