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jean arandez paguio

hi tony! yuletide greetings. i always look forward to your emails. it guides me to have a happy life. am going to be 63 this january but i keep learning from you and from the others who ask you questions.

keep up with the good work.

and to my friends who have subscribed with you, my heartfelt greetings this christmas for a happy and meaningful lives

i love you, jean


Hi Tony,
Thanks for this email. I consider you as one of my best mentor next to my Pastor. Enjoy the blessings of God in your life.
Happy holidays!


Just want to say thank you for sharing the kind of knowledge that makes the world a better place, I am very grateful I found your website, thank you again and have a wonderful Christmas!


Hi Tony,

I'm chiming in with the others who have commented. I really appreciate and feel fortunate to have found your site and the information (e.g. ebook recommendations) you have shared with all of us.
Thanks a million!!!

Rick Mousley

Hello Tony! It's true! We do attract what we think about. Thank you for constantly reminding us to 'guard our thoughts'! It's true freedom, my friend!
Thanks again!

Alston Morgan

Keep up the good work!
I am a believer , (Mr. Wattles Quotes)
If there is a particular Thing you need it will come to you at the right time.
thank you Sir.


Hi Tony,
Your recent article concerning changing the concept of age was very interesting and is what I totally believe and am trying to live. I do my best to omit the subject of age and I do not mention my age to others nor do I make a habit of asking others their ages. I think of myself and all others as ageless but I do find that society is so obsessed with age and I wish we could find a way of discouraging this and moreover, I pray that those in the Tv/film industry would do their best to promote shows/movies that appeal to our higher nature and our ageless spirit.
The best way I deal with it is to keep telling those with whom I come in contact that we are all one people and what we look like on the outside is nothing as wonderful as what we really are.
Thanks Tony for all your great articles and blessings upon you always.

Tony Mase

Hi Everyone,

You're most welcome. :-)

Thank *you* for your kind words!


Tony Mase

Hi Margaret,

You're most welcome. :-)

I learned a long time ago that...

Just because you decide to embark on a particular course of thought and action, doesn't necessarily mean the rest of the world is going to instantly fall in line and cooperate with you. :-)


When it comes to getting what you want...

It's not what "they" think and do that matters...

It's what *you* think and do that matters.

Your example will influence far more lives, and thus change the world, than your words ever will.

Thank you for your comment!

Blessings to you also,



Just want to say thank you for sharing the kind of knowledge that makes the world a better place, you help me a lot thanks Gislana

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